Australian Seafood

Who could argue that we Australians have the best oceans in the world and what grows in these waters? SEAFOOD! Lovely, fresh, flavourful seafood!

We only stock Australian fresh caught seafood, ideally straight from our pristine WA waters, delivered fresh to you, our customers.  For this reason, our lines change weekly so please call ahead of there is a specific species you are after.



Regular Range:

  • Blue Bone Groper, WA
  • Red Emperor, WA
  • Gold Band Snapper, WA
  • Coral Trout, WA

Gourmet Range:

  • Barramundi, NT
  • Salmon, TAS
  • Flat Head, WA
  • Gummy Shark, WA
  • Ceduna Oysters, SA
  • Cooked or Fresh King Prawns, WA
  • Mussels, WA
  • Marron, WA

Additional information

Regular Range

Blue Bone Groper, WA, Red Emperor, WA, Gold Band Snapper, WA, Coral Trout, WA

Gourmet Range

Barramundi, NT, Salmon, TAS, Flat Head, WA, Gummy Shark, WA, Ceduna Oysters, SA, Cooked or Fresh King Prawns, WA, Mussels, WA, Marron, WA